My name is Kyle from Oshawa Ontario, Canada and I’m in my first year  of University.  I’m in the Information Systems program at UOIT. I’m also doing a minor in Mass Media and I created this blog primarily for my Journalism Fundamentals class. I learnt some awesome skills from class and I’m implementing them in multiple blog posts.

I love cell phones and figuring out how to crack them, jailbreak them, root then unlock them and custom the shit out of them. I was successful in overclocking my Samsung Note 8 (which I am proud of). Cell phones and tech gadgets are my passion and it would be a dream to be able to review and discuss there capabilities.I hope to Ultimately become an innovative programmer and being a good blogger.

This post is focused on the unlocking aspect of phones where I hope to clear some misunderstanding people may have and direct people who want to unlock their phones into the right direction. A special thanks to www.CanadaUnlocking.com which is a store near my school [on Taunton Rd East, across from Mary Brown’s], that helped me fast track the learning curve and also I give them credit since they were able to unlock my phone when no one else could!

So enjoy reading my blog as I post the lessons I learn.