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Why is the unlock code returned as “not found”?

The most typical factor is the IMEI number is inaccurate. It is essential
the IMEI number is right. Please press * # 06 # and confirm.

What if my IMEI number is right, now what?

What can I do if my IMEI number is “not discovered”?

Thankfully, Some brand names of phones we have various techniques of getting your
phone unlocked. We can either:

a. Send out the IMEI straight to the producer and get a unlock code.
b. Usage Software application and a cable to unlock your phone.

Why will it cost more for an alternative technique? I currently paid!

Depending on the phone model and carrier it may be the same price or more expensive. You need to contact the unlocker to enquire if this is the case.

It is also a good idea to look at some unlocking company reviews because the higher the reviews usually means the better the success rate they have.


If all else fails and the phone can’t be unlocked then know that unlockers will refund your initial payment.





Is there a Difference between the SIM code and the SIM unlock code?


Yes! There is a big difference!


Sim Network unlock Pin is quickly misinterpreted as the 4 digit PIN number connected with your SIM card, however this is not the case. The SIM pin is known as the SIM PUK. However, the Sim Network unlock Pin is in fact the unlock code to network unlock your phone. This is frequently called, the Network Unlock Code, Network Control Secret (NCK), Master Unlock as well as other terms. I know it can be confusing, but the word of thumb is: if it contains the work NETWORK, then this is referring to the code to remove the network restrictions from the phone.






How to Find your Samsung Galaxy S8’s IMEI number



March 6, 2018admin

Find the S8’s IMEI number
To get things started, locate your phone’s unique IMEI number. The IMEI number will be used to order your Samsung Galaxy S8 unlock code or request it from your service provider.

Get the IMEI number on your Samsung Galaxy S8 by dialing *#06#
The device’s 15-digit IMEI number will pop up on the display

Save the IMEI number for easy reference.





January 30, 2018admin

Using your phone internationally can be confusing. Amidst a mess of expensive roaming charges, confusing technical jargon, and conflicting advice, it can get overwhelming to get things sorted. Here are a few things you should know before taking your phone abroad:

– Roaming Charges

Most phones in the US are carrier-locked, i.e., you can not jump ship and use the phone on another network. An unlocked phone can be used on any network, i.e., if you are traveling abroad, you may buy a local SIM card to make calls and avoid exorbitant roaming fees. Many sites offers unlock codes to help users use their phone on a different network.

– Locked vs. Unlocked

Your current payment plan usually does not include international roaming services; therefore, you will have to pay a much higher rate every time you make a call or send a text message. Sometimes, the bill may set you back by a few hundred dollars! A much better option to avoid paying such ridiculous roaming fees abroad is to buy a temporary SIM card. For a SIM card to work on an iPhone, it’s imperative that you have an unlocked iPhone.

– Higher Resale Value

To unlock your iPhone, send us the make and model of your phone along with the IMEI number.

Selling an iPhone while you are on contract is too much of a hassle for the buyer (and the seller) to worry about. Selling a locked phone outside the contract period is equally difficult. Buyers usually prefer unlocked phones because it allows them to switch service network providers without having to worry about transfer fees or other formalities.




December 22, 2017admin

The Easy And Common Methods To Unlock A Cell Phone

People that have bought cell phones that are tied to a particular carrier would get to know sooner or later that the phone does not work using other carriers SIM CARDS. Usually this happens because the phone is in contract and is locked to that particular carrier. Imagine a cell phone network provider just sold you a $1000 iPhone X for $400 and a 2 year contract. Now for that Network Provider [carrier] to make back that $600 that they just subsidized off of the phone, they are expecting you as the customer to pay a hefty phone bill for the next 24 months. But that time, the phone would have been paid off and they would have made tons more based on your monthly service fees for calls and data. I’m sure you get the point.

The service provider needs the customer to be on the plan for a minimum period to recover the cost incurred in supplying the mobile phone and if a person were to leave before this period the mobile operator does in fact incur losses.

I know, generally, we know in fact the service provider actually make millions and in the case of AT&T and others, actually Billions of dollars in profit each year. But they fact remains, they make money [whether we like it or not] because of business practices like these.

Ok, so far it seems logical, but the issue is if we are not happy with their services, or are paying more than their competitors, we are not “free” to switch companies. We are in a contract or as some may like to call it, we are their prisoners for the next 2 years.

Maybe we are happy with their services, but we need the extra cash and realize this phone I just paid $400 for, is actually worth over $1000 and I can still get $700 for it on the used buy and sell market online. So why not sell it for $700 and buy a cheaper phone for myself, after all it is nice to have some pocket change for a change. Easier said that done, because when your selling your locked phone, customer;s will prefer to buy an unlocked phone or you’ll have a smaller chance of selling it only to people who are using the same network provider as you.

Another scenario is, that you love the phone and you love your carrier and your keeping it but….

Now summer times comes along and your long awaited trip to Europe is here, yay, your all excited except when you receive your phone bill for after coming back from Europe only to realize that using your cell phone in another country incurred hefty roaming charges. When your roaming you usually end up paying per minute and per sms and per MB on your date. Well what does that even mean? It means your 2 weeks just cost you $2000 in roaming charges.

How can I avoid that??? Simple, unlock your phone and buy a local prepaid sim card in the country you’re staying at. What’s the point?? You’ll see the point when you compare your cell phone bill. No roaming charges when your using a local sim card, and probably even saved you some money considering many countries actually have much cheaper data and call pricing as compared to yours!

Ok great, unlocking my phone is great, but how do I even do that??

The most common methods to having a cell phone unlocked

Whatever be the reasons for a mobile operator to have a phone locked, it really cuts out on the flexibility of use that any customer would want to have it locked. But there are some easy and do able methods to use that could indeed set free the user from a stubborn mobile operator.

Pay an access fee: Even the most stubborn mobile operator would be willing to have the mobile handset freed of its controls for a fee. This is a good way of compensating the telecom company for any loss that they would incur when a client leaves in between a plan period and most companies do permit this. It is a fairly simple act that just requires a visit to their office or retail store where they will be able to unlock the phone for you [usually for a fee].

Uses patch software: The patch software is what is normally turned up when someone tries to search for a permanent solution on the web by just doing a search engine query. It must be said that it is important to use a patch that is developed by a good and reputed company or individual. There is a strong possibility that the patch unless deployed effectively and from a reputable source does permanent damage to the handset and this must be avoided at all costs. Most instances of a patch do involve some sort of user fee as well so it cannot be considered to be a totally gratuitous service.

The neighborhood repair person: Most neighborhoods are alive with people that offer their services to fix a range of devices ranging from the laptops to any household implements. They do commonly offer their expertise to fix locked out mobile phones as well. Whether a fee is to be paid would in effect depend on the type of method that they would use and also the personal relation that the customer has with the person in question. But they can be relied on to provide a service that is at best dependable and in most cases there is no question of the handset getting damaged.

It must be said that whatever is the method attempted the first priority must to see that the mobile phone is not damaged in any manner and this singular focus must never be lost or else it could end up as expensive repair bills.







November 17, 2017admin


More people today are dealing with financial issues more than any time throughout the last decade. Although the national economy may look more powerful than a couple of years ago, a large number of households and individuals are having difficulty making ends meet. If you would like to take out a brand-new cellphone contract but can’t due to bad credit, you shouldn’t lose hope!

Cell phones are changing fast. Easily the most popular handsets a few years ago now seem unwanted and archaic. To have accessibility to recent technology as well as apps it is very important to be able to upgrade your phone on a regular basis.

It isn’t that difficult to know whether due to your past handling of loans and other forms of credit you have been blacklisted. There are official checks you can make to explore your status in the eyes of creditors and lenders, though most people would already be aware if they have a black mark associated with their name. Taking out a new cellphone contract is some no different than obtaining a loan, your credit report would first be analyzed before approval is given.

A normal phone is not going to be willing to offer you a contract and a new handset if they believe that you are at risk of missing your payments. When you consider the cost of most new phones these days, a retailer would stand to lose a lot of money should you not be able to fulfill your obligations on time each month. It is because of this that people who are blacklisted find it difficult to gain approval for a cell phone contract.

The good news there are a few ways to get around this. There are companies that specifically deal with individuals wanting phones and who have bad credit. As a sizable portion of the population have debt related problems, and as cellphones have become an almost essential item, there are services that can be explored.

When blacklisted, it is now possible to obtain a cellphone contract by offering to set down a deposit. This serves as a form of a guarantee to cover outstanding debts. Another option would be to sign up for a prepaid deal. Though calls, text message, and data usage costs would be higher with a pre-paid plan, it would be impossible to get into debt.

If you credit is good but the phone is blacklisted, that is a separate issue altogether. We hope to post about that soon. In the meantime, make sure your check your imei on some free sites to make sure it is not reported lost or stolen.





November 3, 2015admin

Unlocking a phone is not always easy. Carriers are trying their best to make it difficult. The main reason is they want to make money, and if you unlock your phone, there is a chance you will leave their company and thus they will lose potential revenue.


Trying to find the right place to unlock your phone can sometimes be very difficult because there are many scams online trying to strip you from your money.


Luckily I have made all the mistakes and am here to share my knowledge so that you don’t make the same mistakes as I did.


There is one guaranteed way of unlocking your iPhone without all the risks which is not well known or heavily publicized.


Are you ready to find out the best way to unlock your phone? Then pay attention because we’re about to find out how to get rid of the carrier lock on your phone FOREVER.


By now you’re probably wondering how a carrier lock works, so before we go any further let’s go through the basics.


A carrier restriction is a ‘feature’ built into new phones by the manufacturer. This custom firmware which is put in to the phone at hardware level can be used to create a variety of locks by the network providers.


They Do This to Keep You Under Contract for a Longer Period of Times so as to make enough profit off you to justify for the discounted price of your phone.

There are THREE broad categories of restrictions that could have been applied:








IMEI Unlocking: The Only Guaranteed Safe Way to Unlock your Phone


We finally arrived to the top, the fail safe way to unlock your phone. Although in the past there have been many other methods that have had brief opportunities where they have worked, IMEI unlocking is timeless and it’s guaranteed to keep working time and time again.


IMEI Number: The IMEI number is absolutely unique to your phone and is the key to releasing you from the clutches of your current carrier.


Carriers that still restrict handsets do so with IMEI so if you were to put an unsupported SIM into an IMEI locked phone it would ask you for a code. If you were to type in the correct code the device would then be free to use!








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